Debian packages - psx-emu


This component includes various PlayStation BIOS images, which can be used with PCSX as a replacement for its native BIOS.

[ Packaged for: wheezy (oldstable) | jessie (stable) | stretch (testing) | sid (unstable) ]

APT feeds

Insert one of the following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

For the current oldstable Debian release (wheezy)
deb wheezy psx-emu            
For the current stable Debian release (jessie)
deb jessie psx-emu            
For the current testing Debian release (stretch)
deb stretch psx-emu            
For the current unstable Debian release (sid)
deb sid psx-emu            

(You can replace http: with https: if the apt-transport-https package is installed.)

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