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eawpatches (also known as eawpats) provides a set of Gravis patch files suitable for MIDI audio synthesis. It is more complete than the freepats package, but since many of these patches are of unknown origin, they cannot be distributed by Debian.

This utility makes it possible to build your own personal Debian package of eawpatches.

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[ Packaged for: wheezy (oldstable) | jessie (stable) | stretch (testing) | sid (unstable) ]

APT feeds

Insert one of the following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

For the current oldstable Debian release (wheezy)
deb wheezy misc            
For the current stable Debian release (jessie)
deb jessie misc            
For the current testing Debian release (stretch)
deb stretch misc            
For the current unstable Debian release (sid)
deb sid misc            

(You can replace http: with https: if the apt-transport-https package is installed.)

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