Debian packages

One of the many strong points about the Debian distribution is that everybody can muster up his/her own packages. Some people actually go one step further, and offer their packages to anybody who wants to benefit from their effort. Following this custom, here is my collection.


Enabled TLS, thanks to Let's Encrypt; users of apt-transport-https, rejoice! :-)
Stopped signing with my old 1024-bit DSA public key
Added psx-bios-package as a replacement for the various psx-bios-* packages (which I will still provide for a while)
Switched maintainance of this repository over to reprepro. If I broke something, please let me know. :-)
Removed all copies of the eawpatches binary package, long obsoleted by eawpatches-package
Added package
Adjusted release names following the release of jessie

Available components

Sony PlayStation BIOS images
Packages that don't belong anywhere else

How to verify package signatures

All packages in this repository can be verified against my OpenPGP public key. (Of course, since this key isn't signed by anybody else at the moment, the web of trust doesn't extend far, but it's somewhat better than nothing.)

To enable this verification, you need to add this key to apt's keyring, either manually, or by installing the package:

Using the package (recommended)

The package is located within the misc component, and can be installed as usual with apt-get or aptitude. (You will probably see a warning about this package being unauthenticated, since the key hasn't been installed yet.)

This package can also be downloaded, and installed with dpkg -i.

Manual installation

It is also possible to manually download the key, either from a keyserver or directly from this site, and add it via apt-key. Here are two examples:

wget -q -O- '' | sudo apt-key add -
wget -q -O- '' | sudo apt-key add -

Running apt-get update will then verify this archive's signature.

(See Debian Wiki for a thorough explanation of secure apt.)

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